BioXpresS Product Line


An additive blend useful in biopolymer film formulations. As an additive in films, the XpresS-PA16 can improve the release from chill rolls while not interfering with the adhesion of the film to polar substrates, such as paper.  It can be used in conjunction with corona treatment if necessary. XpresS-PA16 is especially useful in cast film and sheet applications in which it can provide excellent release from the chill rolls with low plate out.



Biopolymer based concentrate designed for extrusion applications. BioXpresS-PA101 improves the melt strength of biopolymer compounds resulting better bubble blow up ratio in blown films and a wider curtain in cast extrusion applications.  Bio-XpresS-PA101 should be used at a 20 to 1 let down ratio in the base resin.